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Churchyard Template

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Crimlisk Reference: Row #, D#


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Crimlisk Inscription



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Record of the Inscriptions on the Gravestones in the Churchyard of St Oswald's Church Filey as at Spring 1977

Recorded by John C. & Maisie Crimlisk, 1977

Post-Spring 1977 Inscriptions recorded by John Siddle

Digitization by Ian Elsom, 2008-2009, shared online with kind permission of Filey PCC


Filey, St Oswald's Monumental Inscriptions, East Yorkshire Family History Society, March 2014

This resource, in three parts, is available from the Society. (M289, M291 & M304.) It is a more comprehensive record and its sequential numbering system

has been adopted for the Wiki Page Titles, with Crimlisk Area, Grave, and Row reference (areas D, E, F, & G) as a Sub-Head.


The inscriptions given here are from the digitization of the Crimlisk Record.



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