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Herbert Liddell CORTIS 1857 - 1885

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FamilySearch Tree


Herbert Liddell CORTIS MGCY-C9W


Birth Family 

Parents: William Smithson CORTIS and Mary Jane GREEN

Siblings: Jane Maria, William Richard, Henry Liddell, Alice Weddell, Herbert Liddell


Marriage Family 

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Ann BRUCE 

Children: Phyllis, Herbert Bruce


Looking at Filey Blog (archived)

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The above three photographs courtesy Mark Windsor



Photographer Lindsay Clarke, 4 Jan 2013


St Oswald's Churchyard, Filey


Monumental Inscription Cortis A2


Life Sketch


Descendants of this person are invited to contribute biographical details and photographs 



Census Information

Crown Copyright data with some additions, amendments, and corrections, provided under Open Government Licence 2010

 The digitized CEBs that form the basis of these Household Tables lack PRO references and seem to have already been modified to improve their accuracy (using local knowledge). I have taken this process a bit further by checking against the ‘vital records’ available to me. The Census records you see below may, therefore, be quite different to the original CEBs but the information they contain should be more reliable. Please correct any errors you notice, citing your sources.


30th March

1851  Queen Street, Filey Reln Age Occupation Birthplace County Country
William Smithson CORTIS Head  30 M.R.C.S. General Practitioner  Hull  Yorkshire East  England 
Mary Jane GREEN Cortis  Wife  28   Hull  Yorkshire East  England 
Jane Maria CORTIS Daughter 5   Filey Yorkshire East England
William Richard CORTIS Son 4   Filey Yorkshire East England
Henry Liddell CORTIS Son 1   Filey Yorkshire East England
Hannah NESFIELD Servant 17 DS unspecified Flixton Yorkshire East England
Elizabeth NESFIELD Servant 15 DS unspecified Flixton Yorkshire East England
Richard GRICE Servant 17 DS Groom Kirby Grindalythe Yorkshire East England














Note: This is the CORTIS household before Herbert Liddell was born.


7th April

1861  John Street, Filey Reln Age Occupation Birthplace County Country
William Smithson CORTIS (widower) Head  40 M.R.C.S., G.P. Apothecary St London Hull  Yorkshire East  England 
Richard CORTIS (widower) Father 74 Formerly Master Mariner  Hull  Yorkshire East  England 
Isabella Maria GREEN Bowes (widow) Sister in Law  32   Hull 
Yorkshire East 
Jane CORTIS Daughter 15   Filey  Yorkshire East  England 
William Richard CORTIS Son  14   Filey  Yorkshire East  England 
Herbert Liddell CORTIS Son  3   Filey  Yorkshire East  England 
Richard Taylor BOWES Nephew 11 Sunderland Durham England
Charles Fred Hesketh WHITFIELD Pupil  20 Medical Student  Kensington  Middlesex  England 
Thomas BELL (married) Servant 40 DS Groom Seamer Yorkshire Nth England
Fanny NELSON Servant 19 DS Cook Whitwell Yorkshire Nth England
Mary Jane HARDY Servant 15 DS Housemaid Bridlington Yorkshire East England
Ann ROBINSON Servant 15 DS Housemaid Ebberston Yorkshire Nth England






















Note: Census transcription gives "Albert Liddell CORTIS" for Herbert and "Baines" for BOWES in error. 


2nd April

1871  Kennington Park Road, St Mary Newington, London                            Reln Age Occupation Birthplace County Country
William Smithson CORTIS Head  50 M.R.C.S. General Practitioner  Hull  Yorkshire East  England 
Susannah HEWSON Cortis  Wife  49    
Lincolnshire England 
Jane Maria CORTIS Daughter 25   Filey Yorkshire East England
Alice Weddell CORTIS Daughter 19   Filey Yorkshire East England
Herbert Liddell CORTIS Son 13   Filey Yorkshire East England
Alfred GRANTHAM Servant 23 Coachman  
Lincolnshire England
Elizabeth RHODES Servant 26 DS unspecified  
Adelaide STANDOLPH Servant 22 DS unspecified  



3rd April

1881  Amherst Road, Hackney, London                             Reln Age Occupation Birthplace County Country
Richard Wallace UNTHANK Head  47 General Practitioner Shoreditch Middlesex England 
Jane Eliza BELL Unthank Wife  46   Shoreditch Middlesex England 
Amy Bell UNTHANK Daughter 22   Marylebone Middlesex England
Mary Jane BENTLY Visitor 32 Governess  Hitchin Hertfordshire England
Herbert Liddell CORTIS Assistant 23 Student of Medicine  Filey Yorkshire East England
Julia Elizabeth HUNT Servant 22 DS Cook  Stepney Middlesex England
Mary WESTCOTT Servant 19 DS Housemaid  
Devon England
George Edward FARLEY Servant 26 DS unspecified  Bayswater




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